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I'm a poor hobo living in a box, but happy with this life. Though a little points will mean a lot...! u v u :heart:

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im leaving dA, unfortunately. I honestly have no time for this website anymore, and frankly, it's not as fun as it use to be. 
however, I will posting ONE last thing this month before I leave
thank you everyone for making my experience on dA a hella amazing one.

and who knows; maybe ill come back to dA

but for now, sorry. add me on skype if you want to...
good bye.
hiatus for a long, long time * v * 
I'm going back to China this year tomorrow (August 5th) and will be staying until August 29th. I just wanted you guys to know that time zones will be complicated: when you guys (in the USA) are awake, I'll most likely be asleep. I'll probably be on here more so yeah. 

Bye nerds :iconureshiiplz:
/no jk but seriously see ya ///dreading the 14 hour plane ride;;
Illegibilus: Mei-Lin Cheng by rubierubieee
Illegibilus: Mei-Lin Cheng
Revamp time u v u 

Name: Mei-Lin Cheng (Feel free to call her Mei Mei )
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9" (hasn't grown at all...)
Weight: 80 lbs.
Birthday: April 24
Nationality: Chinese
House: Slytherin 
Year: 7th

+:heart: Flowers :heart:
+ Tea
+Violin (she plays it)
+People who stand up for what's right
+People who speak their mind

-Thunder Storms
-Anything she can't solve or answer
-Noises in general

Personality: || SARCASTIC || Easily Annoyed || Semi Nice || Stubborn || Impatient || Lazy || EASILY JEALOUS ||

Mei-Lin is your average teenage girl, like, really average. But she does have some "unique" things in her personality. But honestly, one word that would describe Mei-Lin, is sarcastic. She is sarcastic as heck. Mostly, she is sarcastic when people say something bluntly or completely obvious. It actually annoys her a lot, cause too be honest, she thinks that they are being serious and goes like 'wow are you really that dumb'. Speaking of being annoyed, she is obviously easily annoyed. The smallest thing could lead you getting kicked in the kneecap by Mei-Lin. But just try and stay on her good side and you'll be alright. She is quite impatient too, but that's how she was raised as a kid. She always got her things quickly and didn't have to wait for anything, so whenever she does have to wait, she'll most like squirm and whine and well, act like a five year old.

Average teenage girl right there. Yep. But...Mei-Lin can be nice! As long as you don't mention anything about her height...since she no longer has her proud to walk in high healed boots, she has "downgraded" her height and is now the 4'9" midget she usually is. Meaning the Slytherin will be even more vicious than before. If you mention anything about her height, you'll likely be left with a black eye or bloody nose. She rather be treated like any other student. If you respect her, she'll respect you right back. Just remember that she has emotions like everyone else in the world. Mei-Lin may be a vicious tiger, she's secretly just a cry baby on the inside. Make sure to remember that.

Mei-Lin had it, pretty rough, even back then. She had lost both her mother and father to a car accident when she was one month old. Mei-Lin was with her grandparents during that time, and when they discovered that her parents were dead, they decided to raise her themselves. Fast forward a bit and Mei-Lin is now 5. Although her grandparents told her the truth about what happened to her parents, surprisngly it didn't really effect her, considering she didn't really know them. Though she was quite quiet and mysterious at that age, none of the kids wanted to play or even be near her. And that was because of her eyes. They were sharp, and an unsual color. Whenever she looked at someone, it seemed as if she was glaring and scowling at them with her icy eyes, like a death stare. But really, that's just how Mei-Lin was. And the kids didn't really like it. So what did they do? They stayed as far away as possible.

Mei-Lin felt isolated from the world; lonely, sad, anxiety, this was pretty bad for a five year old. Her grandparents didn't like the fact that she was always alone in her room, literally laying on her bed while staring at the ceiling. Luckily, they had an idea. Her grandparents were friends with Leshchyov family, in fact, they lived right down the street. They forced Mei-Lin to go meet the Leschyov family, so she could become social. When they had gotten to the household, there was the happy family, greeting Mei-Lin and her grandparents. Obviously, being the unsocial like girl she was, she didn't really care about them. But something grabbed her attention: a boy that was in front of the two parents, looking quite bored himself. Huh, so she wasn't the only one who didn't like meeting new people. Her grandparents pushed her towards the boy with happy smiles on their faces. "You two go have fun, we'll be talking to his parents~" her grandma said as the adults walked to the kitchen, beginning to have a conversation. It was silenct between Mei-Lin and the boy, it was really awkward too. They both just stared at each other, wondering what to say. Awkwardly Mei-Lin waved at him. "Hello. You don't seem to be enjoying yourself, do you?" she said to him before the boy looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Does it matter? They always do stuff like this. Forcing me to meet stupid." Hey, someone who understood her feelings! This was nicer than she thought...They began to talk, introducing to one another. His name, Dimitri Leshchyov. It was surprisngly to Mei-Lin; He didn't care about how scary her eyes were? He was accepting her? What was this witchcraft?? After that, they began to grown an interest on each other, and really enjoyed each other's company. They soon became the best of friends. Finally, someone who was able to see through Mei-Lin's outside and get to see her inside...

11 years old. On April 24th, Mei-Lin recieved a letter. But not just any ordinary letter a friend would send her. An invitiation, to be accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. She was amazed by this. She knew she was a witch (her father was one), but she was actually invited to such an amazing school? It was like a miracle happened. But one question remained: Did Dimitri get invited too? After all, he was a wizard too. Getting the phone, she called him up, and thank god, he was also invited. She was so happy, she wouldn't be alone. The day after that, they both began to go shopping for school supplies: wands, books, and even a pet! It was exciting. She thought it was probably the best thing that could ever happen to her. But unfortunately, her enjoyable thoughts weren't as happy as she hoped they were going to be...

Her first year of Hogwarts...wasn't such a great year. Getting into a fight with a childhood friend wasn't good. And keeping that up for six years wasn't very fun either. Luckily, the two have made up. And are now happily enjoying their remaining year of Hogwarts. Mei-Lin has learned to accept herself. Just because her personality and appearance weren't the prettiest of things, it shouldn't stop her from doing what she does. You can be sure about that.

➺Father: Kai Cheng (decreased)
➺Mother: Lei (Guang) Cheng (decreased)
➺Grandmother: Ah-lam (87)
➺Grandfather: Sheng Li (89)

Elective Classes:
        •Care of Magical Cteatures 

Extra Curricular:
    •Hogwarts Orchestra

    •Protego Horribilis

Wand Ingredients:
Core: Dragon Heartstrings
Length: 8 inches (a short wand for a short girl |D;;; )
Wood: Hawthorn
Flexibility: Unbending

- During summer of her 6th year, she dyed her hair once again
- Has dyed her hair many times
- Apparently she is the Satan Queen. Everybody worship her.
- Bisexual. Mostly attracted to females.
- Speaks fluent in Mandarin; when pissed off, she yells in Mandarin
- Quotes: "Please just, die in a hole."
                "Shove my head in a blender."
                "Hit me with a brick."
                "Don't talk to me."

Dimitri Leshchyov ~ Childhood Friend: During their first year of Hogwarts, they had gotten into a fight. Now they have made up. Ever since then, they try their best to talk to each other and hang out as much as possible. Although, Mei-Lin's stubbornness makes it seem that Dimitri and her are still rivals. But not to worry. They are indeed friends.

Pierre Rosier ~ Stalker/Friend: A guy who Mei-Lin met at the end of her 4th year. Didn't really make a good impression at first. But after talking, it seems that Mei-Lin had misunderstood him, and now the two are friends. He still acts stalkerish around her. But he is getting better on learning how to act  "normal" in Mei-Lin's words.

Claude Larkspleen ~ Weirdo: Ugh. What's up with this guy? He comes falling out of a window and all of a sudden acts like this rude little butt rag. He's also gives her these weird looks, it's like he's looking at the devil or something. God, what a weirdo.

Xavier Veneti ~ Friend: A really shy Ravenclaw. Mei-Lin really likes him. He's very kind and gentle and often gives her tips on how to do better at studying. She often gives him hugs (which are very awkward by the way) and gives him lots and lots of encouragement. She can relate to him on a high level.

Marie Sexton ~ CUTIE FRIEND: Whoa. Cutie alert. She chose Mei-Lin as a partner during Care of Magical Creatures. She seemed very energetic and happy, which brought out Mei-Lin to be a little more happy. Marie's smile really brighten Mei-Lin's day. A way cute girl with a ball full of energy.

Feel free to RP with me ~ You can see my old app here:


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id by link description

hey i'm rubie. i'm not that cool but we can be friends I guess


instagram: rubierubieee (for cosplay pics srry)
skype: please ask me !

next convention: daisho con
upcoming cons:
anime central
anime midwest
geek kon

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