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Anime Central Review

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 3:57 PM

I know I just posted a journal yesterday but I really wanted to write a review about Anime Central and how I experienced my first huge convention.

Okay, so as some of you may know, Anime Central is the biggest anime convention in the Midwest and 3rd biggest in the U.S. Well, all my tumblr/cosplayer friends I had met in past conventions were going to ACen, so I thought, why not? It was the week of my birthday so I just thought that maybe it could be my birthday gift! I had gotten into Kill la Kill at the time, and I really wanted to cosplay someone from the show. Obviously I chose Nui and began working on my first ever sewn cosplay.

While at JoAnn fabric store, I had met a worker there who had gone to ACen the past year (2013) and I had asked what his opinion on it was. wasn't good. He didn't like it at all and said he had waited in a FOUR HOUR LINE for just PRE REGRISTRATING--so I got really nervous about that;; I had gotten my badge mailed to me yes, but my friend had forgotten to get hers mailed

The day of the convention comes and my friend (we'll call her Cassidy) and I go into the convention center with my photographer (he's my parents friend and he offered to do take pictures for me~). It's huge. The place is gorgeous. And the cosplayers there--all of them were amazing. There were Homestucks, Dangan Ronpas, not suprisingly a lot of Attack on Titan. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of Kill la Kill cosplayers too. I was towards the registration line, hoping that there was not a long line for pre regristration (especially since we had gotten there a little bit later than what we had hoped)...the line was so short. LIKE--LEGITMITALLY ONLY LIKE--THREE MINUTES. HOW AMAZING WAS THAT I WAS JUST SO HAPPY <333

Cassidy and I just spent the rest of Saturday hanging out at the Artist Alley/Vendors. And may I be the first to say...IT WAS THE BEST ARTIST ALLEY AND VENDORS I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. There were so many amazing and beautiful artists, and everyone was just so nice. The vendors were amazing too; all of them helping every customer and being patient to the customers who were being dicks. Especially the wig vendors; they were all very nice. There was this one vendor playing anime openings from whatever Link plays in Legend of Zelda. It was so good ahh---This was the first time I wasted all my money at a convention. The first time (so much for college :icontearplz: )! Wow and it was worth it. On Sunday actually, while Cassidy and I were looking through artist alley, we saw these two people who had amazing art. There were these cute Dangan Ronpa pins that I really wanted, but on the other side that had Kill la Kill pins, and I wanted those more. I ended up buying the KLK pins from that artist and the other artist a Kill la Kill poster. But the best part about that was that on Sunday I was cosplaying Kyouko Kirigiri and Cassidy was cosplaying Chihiro Fujisaki. Well, the guy who was selling DR pins gave us a pin from the character we were dressing up as, FOR FREE!!! Gosh he was so kind ahh <333

Anyway, back to Saturday. I had met so many amazing cosplayers; a lot of Ryukos, Makos, I saw a Ragyo which I was very happy to see~ I saw a lot of Mondos, which I was happy about. AND SO MANY HOMESTUCKS AHH <33 I had talked to these couple homestuck people and they were so nice <33 Ahh all of them were so cute and just adorable. Cassidy and I also met this Naruto and other Chihiro (I met her at Daisho Con but didn't talk to till then) and we hung out with them for like two hours. The Naruto was hILARIOIUS--OH MY GOSH HER PERSONALITY WAS JUST PERFECT. She made me laugh so hard. We had all gone to the Dangan Ronpa photo shoot, which was so fun and amazing to see those cosplayers. So many Junkos /cries of beautifulness/

We had left them and went to the Adventure Time photo shoot....where I see a Karkat cosplayer from Homestuck panels I watch on YouTube--wOW THAT SOUNDS SO CREEPY BUT--The cosplayer was my favorite Karkat cosplayer and she just acted like him so perfectly and I was so happy to see there. I GOT A PICTURE AND I HUGGED HER AND I JUST---//////cRIES AND I DIE

I had gotten a lot of photos taken of me--I got so many compliments too ahh they were all just too sweet :heart::heart::heart: :iconlazepoolplz:

Then after that we just hung out. Did you know that ACen have really nice bathrooms? I also met this perfect Eriden cosplayer--he or she was the perfect Eriden--like legimatley the canon Eriden uGGG <333
I was so awkward when I met some of my tumblr friends though ahh;;;;;; ////super embarrassed

We went out to eat and we came back at like 9:00 PM to go to the Kill la Kill photoshoot. IT WAS THE BEST THING OUT OF THE WHOLE CONVENTION OKAY. LIKE I WAS CRYING AT THE END FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. God everyone was so funny and hilarious. I was one of the only Nuis at the photoshoot too. There was another Nui who was truly beautiful ahh <33 But funny thing was was when we both went up, everyone started booing because well--in the KLK fandom we all know that Nui is a BITCH, which made me laugh because in a way, this was showing love for the character, which I found very funny LOL. Then the Ryukos had to come up with Nuis, and iT WAS LIKE--A 1000 RYUKOS AGAINST 2 NUIS. IT WAS SO FUN AHH--I had like 3 scissors blade on my neck. Whoops. Then after all that, there was an extra 15 minutes on requests. Weird thing was that the other gorgeous Nui had left, so I was the only one....which was pretty awesome because I got to pose as the only Nui in like--four photos. AND THEN WE ALL HAD A SELFIE OFF. BEST THING EVER OKAY GUYS--

Then Sunday. The quietest day where everyone leaves the convention. I was cosplaying Kirigiri (god her jacket is so tight /cries) and Cassidy was Chihiro as I mentioned before. We got a lot of pictures taken of us too (I had Monokuma was me so that scored some points), we met the Homestuck group again but this time they were Kill la Kill people and yeah. They were so nice I'm so glad I'm friends with them now <33 We had gone to the Dangan Ronpa panel...but none of the panelist showed up so it was canceled D: So that means I couldn't experience a panel for myself. Aw well. Then after a feel more searching and walking, we left ACen.

All I can say was that, ACen was better than expect. Hopefully I can go to ACen again next year, but that will probably be unlikely. BUT THATS OKAY--ACEN WAS SERIOUSLY AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE FOR ME AND I HAVE SO MANY FUN MEMORIES FROM IT AHH <33

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