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I'm a poor hobo living in a box, but happy with this life. Though a little points will mean a lot...! u v u :heart:

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butchering touko the queen by rubierubieee
butchering touko the queen
i tried painting not very good at painting...or backgrounds...or anything in the pic...haha--:iconmingplz:
experimented painting using touko from toyko ghoul !! the manga is really awesome u v u
Sweet Factory: Jade by rubierubieee
Sweet Factory: Jade
So...:iconsweet-factory: opened up again !! I really wanted to revamp my really really old OC that 11 year old me created q - q;; I think I'll be coming back to dA just to post art aha--

:bulletpink: Basic Information :bulletpink:

Name: Jade
Age: 17
Gender: CIS Female (she/her pronouns)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (attracted to all genders)
Relationship Status: Single (tbh I don't really know if subarashii stills want Jade paired with Dame q v q;; I really want a new start with Jade, so right now, she's single)
Job: Reaper
Sweet: Cotton Candy

:bulletblue: Personal Information :bulletblue:

Height: 5'5" (5'7" w/ heels)
DOB: August 17th
Features: | Has three piercings on each of her ear | Secret tattoos on her back (not sure of the design yet--) | She / her pronouns | 
+Pink / Blue
+Playing the flute (she plays the flute * v * )
+Sassy people
+Cute stuff

-Rain (makes her feel so---weird)
-Spoiled people
-Any bug that can fly / spiders
-People with no fashion sense
-Messing up
-Too much blood
-Feeling cold

!Thunder and Lightening
!Losing people she cares about
!Literally a bloody horror scene
!Actually quite scared of king and prince... ("They just intimidate me... !! q - q")

Personality: | Caring || Cocky || Flirtatious || Talkative || Easily Irritated || Easily Jealous || Sensitive || 
Jade is a caring girl who often is open minded of others opinions. She is very generous when it comes to talking with her co-workers and friends. She often gets worried of those who seem sad or down, and she tries her best to make them feel happy again. That being said, Jade is a very talkative girl. Her talkative ways can lead to great conversations ... or horrible, horrible ones, depending on what the other person / people say. Try not to get Jade angry, which is actually hard to do. Jade has a bad temper. She gets annoyed very easily, and if you say something VERY offensive to her, she will get extremely angry. However, she often finds it obnoxious when her temper gets the best of her, so she's trying her best to control it. Often times you'll see her eyebrows twitch or Jade biting her lip when trying to control how irritated she is. Jade also is a bit flirtatious around people now. She will often flutter her eyelashes or speak in a different tone of voice if she thinks you're cute. She also gets easily jealous and is quite sensitive towards her feelings. She'll often freak out or pout if she gets jealous, or if her feelings are hurt. While she is fighting and doing the dirty work for the factory, she often gets cocky and tries to "show off" how awesome she is at slaying. Someone needs to take care of this girl and her cockiness, otherwise she might get hurt.

History: Living in a family of four, Jade was probably the saddest of them all. She wasn't sad that she was the oldest child, she wasn't sad about where she lived, she wasn't sad about anything really. There was honestly nothing to be sad about. But she still was. Her family had lived in a peaceful, normal neighborhood. Everything was good; the people, the area, how it looked. Yet Jade was still not happy.

The only thing that made her world a better place, was her little brother, Daniel. He was an angel to her, a life saver. They were tighter than two peas in a pod. Growing up together made things so enjoyable. They often played together, doing stuff like board games, hanging with their neighbors, Jade dressing him up in cute (but weird) clothing. After awhile, the sadness in Jade disappeared! Without a trace of existence. But that meant that something too, something that was important to her, had to disappear too.

The day of her birthday, she was excited. It'll mean that she'll get to spend the day with the people who means the most to her, especially Daniel. Her mother had given her a present quite early: two cotton candy handles. They didn't seem much, but they passed down from generations from the cotton candy bloodline. If they were used for wrong, something will leave a mark to show how terrible the deed was. She left home for a bit to pick up some flowers for her mother. Nearby her home, was a deep, dark forest. But she didn't mind it. After all, there's nothing to be afraid of in there. Her father had told her to keep an eye out for Daniel in there, since he was playing in the forest with two of their neighbors. As she stepped into the forest, the atmosphere felt cold and icy. Nothing like odd. Going deeper in the forest, she was more suspicious about the area. It felt as if someone was watching her... Then, out came a dark shadow that came hurling at Jade. Surprised, she used a force field spell (that her parents have taught her) to knock the shadow down. Out popped multiple numbers of these weird creatures. Pulling out the two cotton candy handles, they turned into two long, swords. She began to attack. What were these things? It came to her thought that maybe these things were after her brother and his friends !

Running deeper into the forest, she continued to attack the shadowy figures, often getting hurt by them in the process. She wasn't familiar yet with her weapons. Just when a shadowy figure was about to appear from behind her, her sword cut right through the shadow...but it wasn't a monster. It was Daniel. He looked shocked. Jade was shocked, unable to speak. Did she just...kill her own brother? He looked at her, blood coming out everywhere, making Jade jerk and become dizzy. "Did...I do something wrong...on your birthday?" he sputtered out before closing his eyes. She had really done it. She killed her brother. She began screaming. Yelling. Crying. His two friends had came along, seeing the scene before them, scared. "You killed him..." one of them said, before both blasted back to the town. "JADE KILLED DANIEL" they screamed repetitively. Jade continued to cry. Pulling out her sword, she laid Daniel on a bed of grass. Giving him a kiss on the forehead, she ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. She couldn't go back now. She couldn't go back. 

And as she ran. She stopped, seeing a cottage. It mad her feel...strange. Curious, she went into the cottage. And never came out for a long time.

:bulletgreen: Abilities :bulletgreen:
Powers: Can use a magic spell that allows her to have a force field for 20 seconds long. However, if used too often, it'll inflict great damage onto her body.
Skills / Strengths: Jade is great with her swords. Her defensive skills are very good, as well and her combat skills. 
She's also good and fashion choices...because...she likes fashion. Haha
Weaknesses: Her cockiness leads her to be in major trouble when it comes to battling. She is not all that bright, either. Making her rush into things without having a plan, or just sucking at it. Also, any sight of huge amounts of blood, she'll freak out and start rampaging. Little blood is okay. A lot, well...
Item / Weapon: Two cotton candy handles. They can turn into swords when she wants to use them in battle. They can turn into any shape / size. But, if she doesn't use them correctly, just like the magic spell, it'll inflict great damage onto her body and mind.

:bulletpurple: Roleplay Information :bulletpurple:
Yes: Romance / Pairing, NSWF / Mature (please ask me first !), Casul, Fighting, Emotional and Drama, Adventure, One on One, Group RPs
No: Gore / Tortured (unless if it's part of a event or something), Alternate Universe (also varies! I'm not a big fan of AUs, but I'll make an exception depending if I liked the AU)

^ v ^

THIS IS THE OLD APP THAT I HATE SO MUCH <da:thumb id="323284962">
Jade (c) rubierubieee
oh look its a cosplay by rubierubieee
oh look its a cosplay
cries hi guys
long time no see
i guess
last month i went to a con and i cosplayed satan celestia ludenberg from dangan ronpa
it was fun
i got to see some of my con friends and made a couple new friends too
plus i felt really confident in this cosplay
but then one of the drill curls broke when i was walking, so it was a pain for awhile
and i lost my monokuma (which i bought at acen and it cost $50)
so i had to buy a new one :c
other than that it was pretty fun
i decided to post this cause i have no new art or anything to post
cause ive been busy with life haha
but if you guys didnt know, i come back here frequently to check my messages to see if people sometimes stalk my account

i still do plan on posting art here
maybe every year
or something

Photo Credits are from the lovely Andrea Frederick Studios 


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United States
id by link description

hey i'm rubie. i'm not that cool but we can be friends I guess


instagram: rubierubieee (for cosplay pics srry)
skype: please ask me !

next convention: amke
upcoming cons:
anime central
anime midwest
geek kon

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