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I'm a poor hobo living in a box, but happy with this life. Though a little points will mean a lot...! u v u :heart:

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EA: Walk, walk, fashion baby by rubierubieee
EA: Walk, walk, fashion baby
:iconeterna-academia: I have no idea how to do the token thing--//chokes

Novella: "They have really cute clothes in the kids section !! :iconjunesplz: "

Whew! I worked extremely hard on this ahhhhh !!! Okayyy so I was really happy to get accepted into the group !! ^ 7 ^ Everybody is super kind and nice and have great personalities <33 I'm sorry for reply late to RPs, I apologize for that--aha //chokes

So anyway--I wanted to practice drawing outfits, so I decided to draw Novella's wardrobe ! ; v ; <33 She doesn't have much of a fashion sense aha--but she tries anyway. Personally, I like the third outfit the best. Mainly because I love that skirt she is wearing ahhh ; v ; Which one do you like the most?

I also forgot to mention in Novella's app is that the reason her hair is super messy and uneven and weirdly cut is because often times to rebel against her mother for being so overprotective, she would cut her own hair, which did not end up being too good.

Also! My family and I will be taking a road trip from July 10-July 22nd, so I may be unable to answer most RPs or I might be replying extremely late. I apologize in advance.

Novella (c)
SF: Gem AU! Rhodochrosite Jade by rubierubieee
SF: Gem AU! Rhodochrosite Jade
For :iconsweet-factory: 

I loved doing this AU! But at the same time, it was kind of hard for me to draw. A member in the Sweet-Factory had passed away a couple months ago. We only just got the news. In memory of her, the group has decided to have our OC's drawn as gems, in reference of the show Steven Universe. She really wanted to do a Steven Universe AU for us to RP as, but it never worked out and she soon passed. Although I was not too close to the member, we did talk often, and I considered her as a friend. I was happy to do draw Jade as a gem, which I chose as Rhodochrosite.

I've never really cellshaded before, but I thought it would look nice in the drawing ; v ; So I attempted!!

BTW, this is my part of the collab. In two weeks, when most people finish their drawings, everyone who participated artworks will be in one giant picture, which I will link later if anybody would like to see!

In memory of a fellow member and friend; cross-amulet-maiden, Jamie.

Jade (c) rubierubieee 
Hello guys !! ; v ; So just recently my friend had invited me to Anime Midwest! And I am able to go! I am going on Friday and Saturday and will be cosplaying Monomi/Usami from Super Dangan Ronpa 2, and I might possibly bring Celestia Ludenburg from Dangan Ronpa as well. Her costume is a little complicated, so I don't know if I want to bring all her detailed stuff xD;; Anyway, if any of you guys are also going to the Midwest, feel free to message me so maybe we could meet up and hang? Cool. Alright, bye bye <33

- Rubie
SF: JADE HAS FRIENDS by rubierubieee
...jk no she doesn't :iconmingplz: The realtionship chart for :iconsweet-factory: For you who do not know, it's really hard for Jade to get a crush on somebody. But she does find some people attractive (which is basically like saying "oh, I'm kind of interested in you, let me learn more about you") ~

Note: If a heart is not complete, it means it is getting there. If you continue to talk to Jade, each step in a relationship will increase 

Lola: Jade loves how happy she is! She loves her fashion choices. Jade admires how peppy Lola is. She hopes to become closer friends with her.
Mason Rootes: She took a walk around the forest with Mason, and she learned some cool stuff about him! He's the sweetest creature to ever be alive, and she's happy that he found a cool girlfriend like Lola.
Mason Dieter: They met in the mess hall, and he seems to have a keen eye for fashion. They both love the color pink! Jade still needs to give him that pink sweater. Hopefully they can talk more.
Kanan: The royal highness, or royal flirt. Jade sometimes dislikes how he flirts with others (hypocrite LOL), but she's just a little jealous that he's not doing that to her (she won't admit it, though). He's actually a nice person, who is quite protective and kind. They both often flirt with each other. But perhaps Jade's feelings for the Prince is a little more than what she was hoping for it to be. After all, he did teach her how to waltz (/wink)
Kali: The king of all sweets. Although she hasn't talked to him often, she does find Kali more gentleman like than his brother, Kanan. He's pretty cool.
Lynx: A pretty cool guy. She hasn't really talked to him much, though.
Booker: She's seen him often, but mainly at the truth or dare game. He was quite funny and she hopes to talk to him more. She finds him, interesting.
Waxylynne: Jade finds her to be very cute! She can often tell that she's blushing when her dress turns red, which she finds even more cute. Though she doesn't know why she blushes so often. Jade really hopes she didn't find that truth or dare kiss awkward.
Stellar: A nice guy who saved her from being stuck on the ground. He's nice. 


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hey i'm rubie. i'm not that cool but we can be friends I guess


instagram: rubierubieee (for cosplay pics srry)
skype: please ask me !

next convention: amke
upcoming cons:
anime central
anime midwest
geek kon

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